Thursday, 8 October 2015

Good night sms - sexy goodnight sms for lovers

Looking for romantic good night sms to send to your loved ones?

Good night sms will not only help your lover think of you during bed-time, but also think of you first thing in the morning.

Express your love to that sweetheart by sending these good night sms and see your love grow

1. Goodnight my love. May the stars guide and keep you warm. May your deams be as sweet as the tales by moonlight.

2. I've poured roses on your bed to keep you fresh. May your sleep be as flourishing as the lilies.

3. I'm blowing a kiss of my love to say goodnight. I'll be by your side soon.

4. Tonight, I'm letting you go to rest, but tomorrow, I'll be holding you close to my chest. Good night my love.

5. Bed-time is dream time. May your dreams be as sweet as our love. Good night my dear.

6. I'm whispering good night into your ears, so that people wouldn't know an angel is here with me.

7. Tonight is beautiful, not because the stars are brighter, but because my love is stronger. Good night my love.

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