Monday, 26 October 2015

5 tricky ways to know when someone is cheating on you

"When someone is cheating on you, their perception of you gradually begins to change. Overtime, the love becomes a game."

Most relationships you see today are filled with lies and deception. This is not just talk, but a bitter truth that many lovers have refused to admit. However, some folks are secretly looking to find answers to clear their doubts on this issue of fidelity in their relationships.

When you're deeply in love with someone, you can be easily manipulated to think that the other person feels the same way. But in fact, you may have been a pawn in a sexual game all along. This is sad but it confirms the saying that the most bitter people today are the people in love.

So, if you want to know if someone is cheating on you, I'll help you with some signs to look out for. Check them below.

5 ways to know when someone is cheating on you

1. Heightened defenses : When a partner starts cheating on you, there's a big chance they'll start getting angry easily. This is just a method of transferring the pressure from themselves and keeping you on your toes instead.

This is one of the highest form of manipulation that can be done by a cheating partner. Ask them where they went the hour before and you'll likely get a yelled response. If this kind of response is not usual, then you know something is wrong.they may be cheating.

2. They become more focused on their appearance but not for you : Have you noticed your partner starting to put more time to look good before leaving without you?

Have they started spending more money on clothings and cosmetics even without asking for your consideration?

Then it means they may be seeing someone else. Once a partner starts developing a new interest in their appearance and simultaneously starts spending lesser time with you, then it means they're trying hard to impress someone who isn't you. That's a sign.

3. They lose interest : this is a popular one. When someone falls in love with you, they're likely to keep an interest and try to spend more time with you. But once they start cheating, you'll start to notice an emotional distance between the both of you. In fact, if you're really sensitive, your instincts will tell you that something isn't right.

So when his phone is always unreachable or she's always giving the excuse that she's visiting a family member, something might be wrong somewhere. Maybe they're cheating.

4. They keep their phone away : Most cheaters always try to keep their phones to themselves. This is because they have most information about their escapades in the form of texts, calls or saved chats.

If your lover previously do not care about letting their phone lie here and there, but suddenly develop this new stickiness to their phone, then it means they're likely to be cheating.

If they cannot let you assess their chats, sms and call history, then they're not being entirely honest with you. Openess is one of the top characteristics of true love. So, when someone behaves otherwise, it means something is wrong or about to go wrong. Watch it out.

5. They keep secrets from you : One of the first building blocks I laid in my relationship is the one of openness. I've learned by experience that once secrets are out of the way in your relationship, communication improves and every other thing falls into place.

When your lover starts keeping secrets from you, then it means they don't want to build the future with you. It means they don't consider the long-term prospect of your relationship and are just there for the fun of it, while it lasts.

To check for openness, try to keep things open for a while, try to make them communicate, and see how they respond. If they still hold on to their secrets then it means that they're likely cheating on you.

So, here is the verdict : Cheating can cause many wrong things to happen in our lives. And to consider it deeply, those who cheat, don't have hearts and they never consider the emotions of other people. So, when you confirm that someone is cheating on you, try to discuss it with them and find a lasting solution for the both of you. If they're not serious about the relationship, then it's time to call it quits and find some other person who will respect you and join you to build the kind of love you deserve.


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