Thursday, 27 August 2015

I'll hold my breath once again

Love poem #2

There's a place where we can be. A lovely place where our eyes will see beautiful things that signifies our love. Forget about the past, forget about our quarrels and
our struggles. Our hearts will melt. Our hearts will grow fonder. Our hearts will grow old together.

I've seen many beautiful faces, but your eyes alone will melt my soul. Your hug will melt away my loneliness, and brighten my day. You are the 25th hour of my day, and without you, no hour would be worth spending each day.

Tomorrow will be better and brighter, not just because of the hope in my heart, but because of the thought of seeing you again. My love, no matter the distance, I'll call your name and my heart will sparkle. Your name is written boldly in my heart and you know that only time will tell until I hold you in my arms again. I love you just like yesterday. I love you just like tomorrow. I'll hold my breath once again and relish the experience of holding you once again because you take my breath away. You are my Angel.