Friday, 16 October 2015

20 body languages a lady exhibits when she is madly in love

There is nothing as interesting as seeing a lady who is madly in love. Everything becomes a fantasy, she puts up a new habit and she starts to believe that her dreams are about to come true.

Forget all you heard about Nigerian ladies digging for gold in the heart of a man, forget about all you've heard about ladies going for it because of the money. Yes, an average Nigerian lady wants a successful man, but many of them are willing to love just for love. A lady's love is pure when compared to the logical love of the average man, and you'll be lucky to find one who is madly in love with you. Without wasting time let's take a look at some body languages a lady may display when she is madly in love with you.

signs she loves you without saying
signs she loves you without saying

1. She leans on your shoulder : She wants to be closer than ever, she wants to feel your pulse and she want to lean on you. Yes, she is madly in love with you.

2. She wants to always hear from you : A lady who is in love with you, will always relish hearing you talk. Talk about anything. From the outrageous to the downright stupid stuffs, she'll be glad to listen. What matters most is that she is listening to the voice of the one that blows her mind.

3. She looks deeply in your eyes : She's madly in love if she's always searching for meaning in your eyes. She wants to make more eye contact just to assure you that she truly cares.

4. She talks like a baby : Have noticed a lady talking to you with a baby's voice? That's a sure sign that she is in love with you. If she feels like a baby when around you, then there's a big chance she is madly in love.

5. She forgets to do her chores : Love can be so obsessive for a lady that she puts everything aside just to focus on you. If every other thing doesn't matter when you are round, then she's madly in love.

6. She buys you a gift : This is an easy one. Where her heart is, there will her money be.

7. She becomes a talkative : Endless talk about endless matters will begin to arise when she's around. Watch it, she's madly in love.

8. She starts pretending to be asleep : How about she pretending to be asleep on your bed just to see what you can do? She's probably in love with you.

9. She asks you out : Yes, she does that. To prove to you that she can also foot the bills and spoil you too. Maybe this is a sign she's in love.

10. She becomes playful : Of course, if she's becoming unneccessarily nasty and playful around you, it's a big sign she's into you.

11. She stays with you and tells others she's busy : She wants to spend the whole day with you, and that means she's too busy for other people? She's surely in love with you.

12. She tells others about you : She just can't stop gushing to her friends how you are that dream man she's been waiting for all the while? She's quick to remind her chasers that she has a real man? Then she's obviously in love with you.

13. She completes your sentences : If she tries to show you how much she knows about you by completing your sentences, then it means she's been thinking too much about you. Who in the world thinks too much about you without being in love?

14. She cooks for you : She knows your stomach is close to your heart, so she tries to mesmerize you with one of her fantastic menus? She's probably in love.

15. She makes unimaginable promises : This is dangerous and sometimes stupid, but a lady who's madly in love wouldn't give a sh*t about the consequences. She'll do anything to prove her love for you.

16. She tries to protect you : It is not left to the men alone to protect the ladies. Watch her jumping to your defence with her girlfriends and you'll understand what I mean.

17. She wears your clothes : This is just her interpretation that you both are one. She's probably thinking you are hers already.

18. She takes selfies with you in bed : She need to brag a little with her babes, and one or two selfies with her man in bed would do no wrong. So, definitely, she's in love.

19. She wakes up in the middle of the night to watch you sleep : How would you know that? You may not know, but she definitely wakes up in the middle of the night to watch your innocent face. She's already in love.

20. She rights your wrongs : Yes, that why she loves you. Because she hopes to change you, to complement you, and to stand up for you. By the way, where's that pair of socks you dropped by the bathroom door? It's probably been picked, washed and dried up somewhere. That's her righting your wrongs bro. She's madly in love with you!

These 20 body languages are real signs from experience. But you should not expect a lady to exhibit the whole signs before you'll know she's truly in love with you. About 5 to 10 out of the list will suffice, if you want to know if a lady truly loves you. There is no game to it. If she's madly in love, you'll be the first to know.


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