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14 Romantic Good Night Love SMS

14 Romantic Good Night Love SMS

14 Romantic Good Night Love SMS
14 Romantic Good Night Love SMS

1) ♥ At this moment of this dark night,
         Your thoughts are lightening the room 

2) ♥ Outside the windows I can see your pretty face even in this night,
          Can anyone else possess this much spark? 

3) ♥ I want to be the blue moon in this lovely night and to protect you with my light,
         I want to be the wind so I can touches you and take your all stress                  away! 

4) ♥ The reason behind my sleepless nights is you,
          Because of you I tend to hold my pillow tight,
          And I’m unable to sleep without wishing you Good Night.

5) ♥ Whenever I misses you,
          I go near the window,
         Takes a deep breath,
         Stare the sky and twinkling stars,
        Because it helps me to draw your picture more clearly.

6) In this dark night,
         My heartbeat never lies, it always tells me true
         And everytime I listen to it I think I miss you!

7) Let the Moon colors your dreams,
         And the Stars to make them musical.

8) ♥ You’re the last thought on my mind each day,
          I wish you a beautiful night, that’s why.

9) ♥ Your dreams make the nights more beautiful and longer,
         That’s why I don’t want to wakeup! 

10) ♥ I will always wishing you the same,
           That you may have a comfort sleep than ever, every night.

11) ♥ Night makes everything right,
           And when you’re mine in this night,
           I want nothing because I feel fine.

12) If I could than I will give you a lamp of diamonds,
           And send the angels for you to sing lullabies so you can have a                        perfect sleep!

13) ♥ At night, I always want you to be with me,
To listen my sorrows,
To console me and understand me when everyone else is busy in judging me.

14) ♥ What if we are not together,
At least, we can meet in our dreams.

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