Friday, 9 October 2015

Love calculator - how to check if someone truly loves you

Doubting if someone is truly in love with you?

Looking for a love calculator to check how compatible you are with your love partner?

There are many love calculators for checking compatibility for lovers, but most do not give the real answers to love questions.

In this post, we will learn how to check compatibility without compromising the real answers. That means, no automatic love calculator!

Instead, we'll be using common sense to calculate our love. Let's do some love calculations below to find out if someone is truly yours.


1. They sacrifice for you : Once someone is truly compatible with you, they'll make sure they make it up to you everytime. The issue is not how much is to be sacrifice, but rather, that they want to make you happy. If someone cannot make sacrifices for you, then they do not truly love you and may not be compatible with you.

It's a simple case. The more someone loves you, the more willing they will be to make sacrifices for you.

Love calculator #1 : More sacrifices = More love

2. They want to spend time with you : This is common sense. If you truly want to work out a successful relationship with someone, then you'll find the time to spend with them. If someone seems too busy to spend time with you, then they simply are not in love.

Love calculator #2 : More time spent together = More love

3. They understand you : I know you've heard the saying that understanding is the bedrock of successful relationships. That is true. Understanding is the ONLY test for compatibility between two lovers. No matter how much you love him or how much you love her, if your lover fails to understand you, that relationship will definitely fail. So, you have to look out for understanding if you want to know how compatible you are with your lover.

Love calculator #3 : More understanding = more love

These 3 indicators of SACRIFICES, TIME SPENT and UNDERSTANDING can be used as an effective love calculator to check if someone is truly compatible in love with you. Use them and enjoy the common sense answers you'll receive.