Friday, 9 October 2015

Love quotes for her - beautiful love quotes to tell her how you feel

You know you are in love with her, but does she know how much you feel?

These beautiful love quotes will help you show her that your love has come to stay. Check them below.

love quote #1 : If you think you are not in love, check how much time you spend with me each day, and you'll realize how much you've fallen.

Love quote #2 : Love is a feeling that you have, but makes you think someone is responsible. I am.

Love quote #3 : Love, like life is a gift. Give it and it will come back to you multiplied. I think we should try this!

Love quote #4 : Love grows, it never dies. So, when you feel your love isn't working, don't think it is dead. It just stopped growing.

Love quote #5 : It is only in love that millions of people in different relationships bear the same name. Guess what it is? Sweetheart!

Love quote #6 : Love is miraculous. It brings different people together and makes them one. Tell me, isn't that a miracle?