Saturday, 10 October 2015

Love quotes for him - beautiful love quotes to tell him how you feel

Looking for some beautiful love quotes for him?

You can inspire your love and your man with just a line of text message, saying how you feel. Check some love quotes below to use for him.

1. Love is like a flower. The more it is watered, the more it grow. Vice versa.

2. Love is for two, to become one and to live as one. If two cannot live as one, then love is lost.

3. Those who love truly never lose. Love is magical, and it will always pay you back whatever you give. Let love reign.

4. You can have the whole world at your feet, you can have billions of currency in your account, but if you cannot love, you cannot live.

5. Love will become real only when two people come together in unity, to love, to hold and to sacrifice. Love is not for one but for two.