Friday, 9 October 2015

Love text - sweet cuddle love text for your lover

Want to send some sweet love text to your lover?

Check out the following love texts and you'll be surprised how much your love will grow just with a simple text expressing your love.

1. Hold me tight, till I'm breathless. Call my name, you are my fortress. I love you and forever I will.

2. How much my life has changed since I met you. You came into my life and changed my whole situation. For this, I will continue to love you.

3. My heart wishes to have you. My soul longs for your love. I will do anything to be with you because I love you.

4. I love you, not because you love me. But, because your love is perfect for me. I love you because there is no reason not to love you.

5. I give my heart to you, for everything I have is yours. Your love makes me complete and whole. This love is everything to me.

6. I have a gift for you. It is wrapped in a fragile pack and I want you to handle it with care. Guess what it is? It is my heart! I love you.