Thursday, 8 October 2015

Loving you quotes for your crush or lover

Looking for some loving you quotes to impress your crush or lover?

Want to express your sweet love without writing a page full?

Or want to add spice to your love game?

Check out some loving you quotes below that will help you build romance quickly

loving you quote #1 : whenI look into your eyes, I can't help to see that our future lies together

loving you quote #2 : my heart beats not out of fear but for the passion I have for you

loving you quote #3 : I'm not just tripping for you, I'm falling deep deep in love. Can you save me?

Loving you quote #4 : forget about what they say. You know I'm the best for you, and I know you're the best for me. Can we fall in love?

Loving you quote #5 : I'm looking into the sky and I'm trying hard to count the stars, but I can't. My love for you is more than the stars in the sky

loving you quote #6 : I can't sleep, I can't think, could this be love?

Loving you quote #7 : I don't know the definition of love. Ask me what love is, and I'll tell you : YOU!