Saturday, 10 October 2015

Quote of the day - these love quotes will make your day

Looking for some beautiful love quotes to inspire you today in love? Then all you need is a quote for the day.

Take a deep dive and enjoy the following quotes of the day.

1. Love surpasses all. If you have love then you have more. If you have all without love, then you have none.

2. Love is like a river that flows without looking back. No matter what happens, love will never change. So, keep loving and you'll keep living.

3. When you become so vulnerable, love becomes perfect. When you become weak, love becomes strong. Love complements all our deficiencies.

4. I love you not for everything you've said to me or gave to me, but for every day that you stood by my side no matter what. That is what love should be.

5. There is no definition for love. When you feel it, it is what it is. When you don't feel it, it is what it's not. Simple.