Thursday, 8 October 2015

Romantic sms - 20 romantic sms to kindle your relationship

Falling in love right now?

Need some romantic sms to spice it up?

Need to express your feeling in romantic sms?

Check these 20 romantic sms below and spice up your love

1. Your love is amazing, it's spectacular, it's everything I dream about. I love you.

2. I'll walk on hot coal just to show you that I'll do anything for you. Lol.

3. My heart is definitely yours. If you give me yours, I'll love you forever.

4. You are the tree that grows by the river of my heart.

5. Smile for me, hug me, kiss me and I'll be yours!

6. Look at my chest and see the love that beats in it. I breath and live for you.

7. Come dance with me, come sing with me. With kisses and romance, let us be.

8. Slow and steady, our love will be ready, and our hearts will go merry.

9. Show me your heart and I'll show you my love. I love you.

10. For every breath that you take, I'll fall deeper in love with you, For every step that you take, I'm ready to fight for your love.

11. I love you like I've never imagined, like I cannot imagine, and like I will never imagine. My love for you is not an imagination.

12. I have a word for you: actually, it's not a word but a spelt feeling. I LOVE YOU.

13. If the world could end today, our love will still exist.

14. Tell me I'm not dreaming. How come I'm talking to an angel?

15. I don't need to travel around the world because you mean the world to me.

16. Happy times are there to see, only with you in my arms.

17. I've seen the reason why people 'fall' in love. You blow my mind.

18. I love you not because you are wonderful and perfect for me, but because you make my world wonderful and perfect with you.

19. Can't you see? Our hearts are knit together. We are in love!

20. Whenever it's cold, I know you are far away. Whenever it's hot I know you are definitely right beside me. You are my desire.