Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sweet love messages for your lover or crush

These sweet love messages will change your lovers view in your relationship. Just type them as an sms, send to your lover and see the changes in your love.

1. I heard a funny beat in my heart, so I asked a doctor what was the cure. He said I shouldn't worry, that you are my remedy. All I need is you.

2. Please ignore the shaking of my lips, overlook my stuttering, don't even look at all the things that I do. And please do not consider my nervousness, I am simply in love with you.

3. I know I am a few distance away from you, but be rest assured that my heart is sitting right next to yours. I love you.

4. Just thinking of you makes me smile. Everything about you makes my world go around. You are my dream in the night and my bustle by the day. You make my life complete.

5. I may or may not be a prince or even a royalty, but you are nothing less than a princess. Your charm and everything about you is just so royal. I'm proud to have you and I love you.

6. You are my CRUSH because you are : Cute, Rosy, Unique, Sexy and Humble. You bring a lot to my life and I love you.

7. When you see me choking, gasping and becoming breathless, just know it's because of you. Everytime I see you, I go breathless and speechless. My heart skips because I love you.

8. Faith makes all things work,
Love keeps all things going,
Hope makes all things possible, but you make Faith, Love & Hope become a reality. I love you.