Thursday, 8 October 2015

Birthday messages - nice birthday messages to send to your loved ones

Want to wish a friend a happy birthday message?

Sending birthday messages to your loved ones show that you care enough for them. So, if you want to send an sms or text message to your lover just to say happy birthday, then, the following birthday messages will suffice.

1. Happy birthday my dear, may the heavens make the wishes of your heart come true.

2. Today is a special day in your life. Blow the candle and give a smile. Happy birthday.

3. Everything will be ok, just as you add one more year to your age. As you celebrate your birthday, may favour overshadow you and make you an even better person. Happy birthday dear!

4. May this +1 in age for you translate to +1 in all your endeavors. As you celebrate your birthday today, may good tidings overwhelm you, and make you successful in all your pursuit.

5. Today is a happy day, and I'm proud because you are moving ahead in life. As you celebrate your birthday today, may you celebrate many progress in every area of your life. Happy birthday and goodluck!