Thursday, 8 October 2015

Love poems - sweet love poems for lovers falling in love

Do you want to sing for your love? Then you need a love poem.

Do you want to to express your love in poetry, then you need a beautiful love poem to spice up your relationship.

Love poems will not only help you express your feelings, but also help you take your love to another level.

Check out some love poems below.

Love poem #1 - Your love is sweet, your love is great, your love is everything I ever imagined. If I can bring down the sun, I'll do something even more just for you. You are my heartbeat, my priced jewel and the only one I want to spend my life with. I love you for everything that you are.

Love poem #2 - As I think about you, I'm beginning to see what a darling you are. For all the things you sacrificed just to be with me, for all the time we shared together, I know this love is ungreakable. With this love, we'll write on the sands of history, about our passion, our heart wishes and dreams. As I write to you, I want you to know what I think of you. You are so perfect for me.

Love poem #3 - Tell me this is true. That I'm in love with an angel, that we'll be together forever, and that nothing will come between us. You are my dream come true, and I know I'm yours too. If love is a journey, then I'm ready to walk as many miles with you. I love you so much as the sand on the beach. You are the greatest spice of my life, and I love you.