Saturday, 10 October 2015

Good night love sms - end the day with these goodnight sms

When you are done for the day, don't forget to say good night to the one you love. Send them these good night love sms just to let them know how you feel.

1. As you put your head on your pillow to rest, May comfort never leave your side, may the stars sing songs of love to your ears and may the cool night wind cuddle you. Good night my love.

2. I wish you sweet dreams and beauty as you lay to rest. Be rest assured that tomorrow will be a better day. Good night my angel and sweet dreams.

3. Tonight, I've sent the angels to guide you, I've sent the moonlight to protect you, and I've sent the stars to inspire you. It's going to be a good night my dear.

4. After the whole bustle of today, I pray that the night strengthen you and make you stronger and better for tomorrow. Good night my angel.

5. May your night be refreshing, may your dreams be inspiring, and may your tomorrow be better than yesterday. These are my wishes for you tonight. Good night my angel.