Monday, 4 July 2016

happy birthday quotes - 10 quotes for happy birthdays

Want to share some birthday quotes with family and friends? or you just want to inspire someone on their birthday? Check out these 10 top happy birthday quotes below:

1. Happy birthday. If nothing keeps you happy, just remind yourself that you are getting older, more wiser, more experienced to correct your past mistakes and make your dream come true.

2. The world started without you, but you came, saw and conquered. Be joyful because the world is better because of you.

3. Birthday is not only fun, but an opportunity to recount your life's moments with friends and family. laugh at your mistakes and rejoice for your victories. It's a beautiful day!

4. You were born years ago, but you didn't stop at that you kept rebuilding and remolding yourself into the person you are today. You are exceptional. You are a wonder.

5. We shouldn't be celebrating birthdays. But we chose to, just to remind sweet mother that her pains has turned to joy. Her worries are becoming beautiful joyful moments. Happy Birthday!

6. A star got missing in the sky, when a rare gem was born. The sky's loss is our gain. We love you. Happy birthday!

7. Observe yourself now. Aren't you better off than last year? forget the pains and celebrate the victories. C'mon. Celebrate. Happy birthday.

8. The Sun love Sundays, The Moon love Mondays, but we love today because it's your birthday. Happy birthday!

9. Sooner or later, life will be better. But today is your chance to make it brighter. light the candles, roll the ribbons and play the music louder, because it's your birthday. Happy birthday!

10. Some matters can be forgotten, Some days can be boring, some people can be left alone. But today, we will stay by your side, to sing and rejoice with you. Happy birthday!