Saturday, 26 March 2016

morning love sms - say good morning to your lover

When the day is dawn, it's only right to say something nice to the one you love. A good morning love sms will help to remind that special person that their thought is the first thing in your mind. Just say good morning with these romantic morning love sms :

1. I can dream alone all night, I can work alone all day, but my love is for us to share, my heart will long to care, for no one but you my love. Good morning!

2. Hey beauty, even in your sleep, you still look like a cutie. Open your eyes and see what a beautiful morning you've got. Arise and shine. Good morning.

3. Good morning dear, as the morning is here, I want you to start your day without fear. Put up a big smile and enjoy your day. Good morning.

4. Saying good morning to your loved one doesn't really mean just Good morning. It's actually a subtle way to say You are the first thought that popped up in my head this morning. So, I will say it again. Good morning.

5. Can you see how the morning dew has made the green grass new? Have you seen how the morning stars are making the sky so blue? That is how your love is making my dream so true. Good morning.

6. I sent a bird to stand at your window, waiting for you to wake to deliver my message saying good morning. Can you see the bird? If no, just call me and I will say Good morning again.

7. This is my Good morning, to a wonderful friend that has brought nothing but good memories to my heart. You are the best thing in my life. Good morning.

8. Today is a new day with a new blessing. don't let the disappointments of yesterday ruin the sweetness of today. Good morning and have a great day!

9. My beloved, as you wake up from your bed, I want you to keep strong with the promise of today. may love, joy and blessings be the order of your day. Stay strong. Good morning.

10. Sweety, let's see what you've got this morning. M - Make the most of your day, O - Open up to opportunities, R - Remember to always be thankful, N - Never let yourself down, I - Imagine I'm by your side, N - Never give up, G - Good morning. There you have it. have a nice day.

11. This morning, I'm knocking at the door of your heart, to bring you fresh smiles, hugs and laughter. May your day be as fulfilled and gracious like the love in your heart. Have a good day!


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