Friday, 19 August 2016

Inspirational love quotes - Love sayings to inspire your love

Looking for inspirational love quotes or love sayings to inspire your love. Check out the following inspirational love quotes:

1. Those who give up on love will never realize how close they were to finding that special person.

2. Don't be afraid to fail in love. The only thing to be afraid of is not falling in love.

3. Love is not a competition. The only person you should be better than is yourself.

4. When you know how much you are worth, you'll start giving people discounts. Value yourself more!

5. When you are not sure whether to fall in love. Sleep over it until a new day.

6. When you fail in love, don't blame others. Blame yourself because nobody can make you feel bad without your consent.

7. Before you fall in love ask yourself : why? why now? why him/her? why not? why me?

8. You can never be too busy for the one you love. Once your lover seem to busy, you are no longer their priority.

9. Sometimes in love, the hardest things and the best things are the same. Don't give up on them.

10. People can always copy relationship styles, but not the passion shared by two people in love. 


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