Friday, 19 August 2016

love quotes - cute love quotes for lovers

Love quotes can help build stronger relationships when you take the lessons they pass. Here are some cute love quotes for lovers that will inspire you in love:

1. In love when you try to control everything, You lose control of the enjoyment. Free yourself and keep loving.

2. Love like you've never been heartbroken because the past will not come back, and you've got to build for the future.

3. When you are hurt in love, don't be angry. Cry instead to cleanse your heart for the next journey.

4. No one is rich enough to buy true love. So, cherish the love you have right because it is priceless.

5. No relationship ever blossoms until it is focused, dedicated and disciplined.

6. The success of a relationship depends on the quality of time shared, emotions expressed and sacrifices made.

7. No one can truly love another or build a successful relationship with another until they've first fallen in love with themselves.

8. There are many ways to be successful in love. But the best and most important is to love truly.

9. You may not always love the one who loves you, but it may be best to equally respect their choice.

10. If you truly believe in the one you love, then let nothing hold you back from making that relationship work.


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