Thursday, 11 August 2016

romantic text messages - romantic love text messages to boost your love

Want to boost your love with some romantic text messages? Check below and pick one of the best romantic text messages you will find:

1. I never knew what love is. But every time I look into your eyes, I see that burning desire, That kind of love that says two will become one. You are my everything. I love you.

2. When you are cold, I will be your sunshine. When you are sad, I will be your laughter. When you are alone I will your desire, Your candle light, because I love you.

3. It takes one plane to fly, and it takes one sun to shine. But it takes one moment to know that it takes two hearts to love. I can feel it. I love you.

4. A blanket will help you through a cold night, A hug will help you feel close, A kiss will help keep attraction. But a heart in love will change everything forever. I love you.

5. I could win the world's most glamorous prize, I could travel to the world's best destination. But all these will be nothing if I lose the chance to whisper into your ears that I love you.

6. Remember those nights together with wet lips? Remember those years under the blanket? Those memories keep putting smiles on my face. I love you.

7. People say that I'm not caring, that I am not romantic. Then I fell in love with you and totally lost control. Baby, you bring out all the lovely things in me, and that is why I won't stop loving you.

8. How can you be so far from me, and yet inside my heart? How can you kiss me for no reason. Yet, your kisses give me a thousand reasons? Your love is real and so pure. I love you.


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