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12 Cute and Romantic GOOD MORNING Quotes For Her


Good Morning quotes for Her
Good Morning quotes for Her

Every Morning Every girlfriend dreams of getting a good Romantic Good Morning quote from her boyfriend .Cute words of love would be the best approach to place a soothing smile in your girlfriend’s face and much more love in her heart.A lovely good morning wish can ignite a confident feeling that inspires her all day long.

Below are some sweet and Romantic good morning wishes for her:

1) “You can’t even imagine how happy I get each morning,
By the beautiful feeling that you’re all mine,
And of course I’m yours.”

2) “Do you know why I send you Good Morning texts everyday,
Because you’re the first thought that strikes my mind after waking up”

3) “It’s sad that morning can hug you but not me,
Sun can warm you up but not me,
But someone misses you each morning,
And that is not the Sun or the Morning - that’s me.”

4) “My wish is to wake up near you every morning,
To feel your breath whenever my eyes get open,
If I can then I give you the Sun,
Because you’re my only one.”

5) “Wake up and look at the sky,
Night has stepped back and morning is there,
It is ready to kiss you my dear,
Get up and kisses it back.”

6) “I might have send an angel to look after you every morning,
But then I realized, how can angel look after another angel?”
“You bring happiness into my life as the morning brings light,
And you’re always on my mind every morning!”

7) “I’d love to send you my heart each new day to make you realize how much I Love You,
But sending you a bucket of smiles,
Wear one from the bucket as I always want you to smile.”

8) “I wake up early every morning,
Just to realize that loving you is more beautiful than sleeping.”

9) “If only I could do this all every morning,
The rain of smiles will shower upon you
The air will be full of gladness for you,
And the snow will only bring fun to your mornings.”

10) “You’re my shining star at night,
And shine of sunrise in the morning.”

11) “ I want your every day to be fine,
Because you’re on my mind all the time.”

12) “Are you a candle?
Because when I wake up in the morning,
I feel like my heart is melting with your thoughts on my mind.”

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