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14 Cute Messages for Him| Express your love via messages

14 Cute Messages for Him

As you know Love is better expressed than said. Maintaining a good relationship depends on how you show someone you really love and care for him. Always ensure that you express your love in both bad and good moments. Here are some cute messages you can use to show that special someone how you adore him.

cute messages for him
14 Cute Messages for Him
1) Each moment spent with you is awesome,
But I promise you, the future will be full of only the best moments.

2) Who says Love has no boundaries, it has boundaries,
And my Love’s boundaries have created a shield around your heart,
Now no one else can come there.

3) If you were meat, I would be the Lioness and eat you all.
If you were grass, I would be the goat so I can eat you bit by bit.
But if you were goat, I would still be a Lioness so I can swallow you piece by piece.

4) Before you I always thought of love as a fantasy,
But now after you, I’m living a real fantasy life.

5) Listen to my breath closely,
They whisper I Love you!

6) I didn’t know the way to my heart,
You helped me find that way.

7) The birds can start their days with the sunrise,
But I cannot open my eyes,
Until I see you,
Because I’m literally living for you.

8) Is it for real that only three words have sum up my existence,
Which says I Love You.

9) I wish loving you was a job,
So I can get the titles of most deserving, dedicated and talented.
Or maybe I would be working for free.

10) You got into my heart without my knowledge,
But now I don’t want you to leave.

11) I haven’t love you by my choice,
It has become a necessity for me.

12) I was always searching for the definition of perfect,
Then you came,
And I got the whole meaning!

13) I don’t believe in forever,
Forever for me is till you are by my side.

14) You’re the only person I want in my life,
I prefer crying over laugh if it’s with you.

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