Monday, 26 October 2015

5 sure ways to know if your lover is truly in love with you or not

"When someone is truly in love with you, the signs become glaring. You just need to observe."

Most people who are in love want to be sure they're giving their hearts to the right person. This can be a very difficult thing to do; as you may not be able to tell which one is true love and which one isn't. However, we all know that love is an expression from the heart. No matter how much it is concealed, true love will eventually show up in time.
So, if you're confused about your relationship and want to be sure that someone is really in love with you, then you have to look out for these signs.

How to know if someone is truly in love with you

1. They want to be close : This is the first sign to look out for, if you want to confirm that a person has true feelings for you. No one will fall in love with you while living in a different city or state. Hope you've heard of the saying : out of mind is out of sight. If someone truly loves you, they'll do everything within their powers to spend more time with you.

Love is attraction, and like a magnet it pulls two people together. If there are no constant calls, text or chats from him or her, then I'm sorry to announce to you that the love is fake.

2. They sacrifice something for you : This is one of the most controversial signs in love. Many will argue that making sacrifices in love may lead to exploitation. But a person who's truly in love wouldn't care.

When a person loves you from the depth of their heart, they'll give everything to make sure you're okay. There's no argument about that. In fact, when your lover starts making excuses about helping you with a need, when you know they're capable, then it means the love has started to fail.

True love will sacrifice finances, time, resources and everything for love. That's why the saying goes : Where your heart is, there will your treasures be also. It's simple and it's a fact.

3. They protect you : I've been here before and I've experienced this first hand. Protection shouldn't be demanded from the man only. Women too can protect. In fact, anyone who's truly in love will do everything to keep you safe.

It may be the protection of your reputation, your job, your interests and everything that concerns you. True love got your back everytime and it won't let you down anyday.

When a lady is truly in love with you, she tells her friends about all the wonderful things that you are. And when a man is truly in love he makes sure that his lady gets the respect she deserves. That's a sure sign.

4. They want to know more about you : True love will search the inner depths of the heart. If someone truly love you, they'll want to make sure you aren't hiding any secrets from them. True love must be open and able to share. So, you don't have to bother when someone tries to know more about you. It only means that they want to be closer in body and in heart.

When a lover knows more about your likes, dislikes, interests and future plans, they're likely to contribute whatever they can to make sure you're happy. And that is true love.

5. They put you in their plans : Love is a journey for two. So, when someone is in love with you, they not only tell you about their plans, they also put you in their plans.

A lady in love will look up to her man to make decisions for her. My beau is the number one example here. When she wants to go shopping for wears, she asks me what I want her to buy for herself. You see, she's conscious of the fact that I'm the first in her life and the first person she needs to make an impression to. So, usually, I tell her the kind of dress I want to see her on, we surf fashion magazines together and we choose the style we want for her. She's happy and I'm proud because she understands that our love is nothing if she doesn't put me in her plans. If I don't admire her first, who will?