Monday, 26 October 2015

5 types of men every woman should avoid

"From the onset, a man already knows what he wants. So, it's left to you to figure out your own part of the puzzle."

Many relationships today end in breakups due to wrong choice of partner. Men make the mistake of using beauty as a criteria for picking ladies. While the ladies do not think twice about dating men of high financial status.

These choices can be great sometimes, but they also qualify as one of the elements that characterize unworkable relationships.

So, for the ladies who want to avoid dating men who are only after their body, there are many things you have to consider apart from the money splash and the loads of fantastic vacations.

Some guys are probable undatable, and no matter how much you try to make the relationship work, a breakup is inevitable. Here are the types of men every woman should avoid if they want a successful long-term relationship :

1. The gamer : They call themselves players because they think they have all it takes to kick asses to get what they want.

I think they should be totally avoided if you do not want to deal with a heart break. The gamer knows his game through his many escapades with hundreds of women. So, never you underrate him. Don't even think of changing him.

All he does from the onset is try to manipulate you and set the right condition for him to strike. To know who a gamer is, all you have to do is listen carefully to the choice of words he uses. He'll either appeal to your fantasy or try to entertain you in many ways you've never imagined.

Once you feel the relationship is going too fast, faster and more exciting than what you're used to, kindly step back and think again. You may be dealing with a gamer.

2. The WYGIWYG guy : This guy is simply trying to balance nature. As a logical guy, he believes everything that goes out must surely come back. He wastes no time in places or with people who do not guarantee a return on his investment. So, WYGIWYG(What You Give Is What You Get).

To him, a relationship is a total business and should be properly negotiated. If you find a guy who asks you to do something for him before he can provide for you, then you're in for a tough ride.

Does he compel you to come clean his house, wash his clothes and his dishes before he takes you shopping? Then, he's probably a WYGIWYG guy, and should be totally avoided if you want to build a successful long-term relationship.

3. The MR. My Own Way : Here is a guy who gives no sh*t about your opinion or how you want to do things. Some people call him the controller, others call him the bully.

But he comes out announcing himself like an alpha guy. I beg to differ. Even though alpha males have some form of control over their women, they primarily rule over the men folks, not women.

In fact, trying to exercise too much power over women can stiffen the relationship and make it one-sided. So, when a guy fails to give room for your expression, it means they don't rate you, neither do they value what you have. That kind of relationship is better left to die.

4. The MR. Confused : He's not a gamer, neither is he a control freak. But this guy doesn't actually know what he wants from a relationship.

When he's attracted enough, he could date you for a short period and move on to your friends. As many friends as you have. He doesn't plan for this, but something leads to something and before you know it, he starts having feelings for a different lady.

He simply loves variety without choice. And you'll likely catch him staring at different ladies at the shopping mall or when walking down the street.

So, you can have it at the back of your mind that it will only take sometime before he ditches you for the next admirable lady he finds. He simply is not worth building a relationship with.

5. The Perfectionist : This one is similar to the Mr. My Own Way. But he goes further to make sure every little detail is done correctly.

Usually, he can get angry unnecessarily if you wear the kind of dress he doesn't fancy. He monitors the way you clean the house, the way you wash the dishes and the taste of the food you prepare. He's constantly on your neck, rating your performances and looking for opportunities to find faults. This can make the relationship quickly exhausting and tasteless unless you find a way to turn things around.

Anyways, the perfectionist is surely going to bring hell into your relationship. And if you do not want to cheat on him to get a breath of fresh air, then it's probably better to call off the relationship once and for all.


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