Monday, 4 July 2016

birthday text messages - sweet text messages for birthdays

Sending Birthday text messages to friends, family and lovers show that you really care about their well-being. Doing this isn't too difficult. Just pick one of the following birthday text messages and send with your phone. enjoy!

1. It's your birthday. It's just once in a year, so be thankful. How old will you be if your birthday comes up every month? hehe. You see? Just celebrate. happy birthday.

2. You are the only person I don't have to explain my crazy moods to, and you are the only person whose craziness I can deal with. So, what are we waiting for? let's get crazy on your birthday. Happy birthday!

3. I hope your day be filled with surprises, love, gifts and smiles. May today bring lasting joyful memories and fulfillment to you in the years ahead. Happy birthday!

4. God gave you the wonderful gift of life. Now, it's your turn to give yourself the wonderful gift of living well. Make sure there is no dulling today. Happy birthday.

5. My world radiates because of you, My heart makes a wish every time I think of you. But I will say this to you, You are so special. happy birthday.

6. Dance, shake, scream, and make merry. For today is your birthday, a day to lose a bit of that civilization and go gaga. Don't be found missing in action. happy birthday!

7. I'm sending my birthday wishes, wrapped in all the love I can find. Hope you can handle it? Happy birthday love.

8. Life has so many beautiful golden moments, but an ever-loving friend like you makes them unforgettable. Happy birthday my dear.


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