Monday, 4 July 2016

Happy birthday sms - Sweet birthday sms for her

Everyone wants to send a lovely birthday sms, but not everyone knows how to compose one. Take the easy step by picking one of these sweet birthday sms and send to her :

1. It is not just another birthday for you, but a day that God picked and blessed a special star in the world. Happy birthday my dear. Hope you can dance?

2. The rain must have fallen heavily when you were born. Do you know what this means? The sky cried its eyes sore because it lost its most beautiful angel. Happy birthday dearie.

3. It's a beautiful feeling when you feel loved and cherished. When you feel someone needs you and think about you, but it's a better feeling when someone never forgets your birthday. Happy birthday!

4. This is a sweet note from a lovely friend to a beautiful person, for a good reason, at the best time, with a lively mood and a big smile, saying happy birthday!

5. May you fly in the plane of love, and land on the airport of success. May your luck shine, may your wish come and may your heart be merry on this beautiful day. Happy birthday.

6. If kisses were rain, I will send you a heavy shower. If love was time, I will send you more hours. If you need a good friend, I will send you me. Just tell me what you need today, and I will just send it to you. happy birthday.

7. A smile is a beautiful curve that makes everything straight, A good cloth that wipes wrinkles away. Give more smile today, and you'll have lots of people celebrating by your side. Happy birthday love!

8. I want to make something clear. You are 1 year older now, but also one year smarter, wiser, and 1 year closer to your dreams. Don't fret. just live the dream. Happy birthday.


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