Monday, 15 August 2016

Love messages - best love messages for your lover

Looking for the best love messages to send to your lover? Check the Love messages below and you won't be disappointed:

1. Just believe me, you are the only one. Whom my heart craves, whom my heart wants, whom my heart trust, and  whom I love the most. I love you.

2. If I could make a wish come true, it will be to wake up every morning to  feel your breath against my neck, the warmth of your lips against my cheek, and your touch around me. I could never long for anyone but you.

3. If I could, I would make the moon bow to you, the sun shine for you, the stars glow for you. But here my heart beats for you. I love you.

4. As long as the skies remain, as long as the oceans flow, as long as I live, you'll always remain special to me.

5. I just checked out a very beautiful rose by the garden, then I looked at your picture. But I couldn't stop looking at you, Because the rose isn't as beautiful as you.

6. My heart beats for you so heavy and countless. The thought of being in your arms is so awesome and priceless. I love you.

7. A candle may melt, A light may be put off, A day may come to an end. But this love burning for you in my heart will always remain. I love you.

8. Knowing you may be by chance, Making you a friend may be a choice, but falling in love with you is the best accident I've ever had.


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