Monday, 15 August 2016

romantic love messages - Spice up your love with these love messages

check out these romantic love messages that will spice up your love relationships:

1. A hug is a perfect gift, fit for sweet angels alone. So, I'm sending you my hug just to keep you warm today and to say that I love you.

2. When the day turns dark from sky blue, and the lovely stars start staring at you, Check your heart because that heart beat is so true. Someone truly loves you.

3. Kisses are so organic, fresh and refreshing. With a natural taste and no artificial sweeteners.So, I'm going to send you one to refresh you today. MUAHH!! I love you.

4. It's already said that the best things in life cannot be kept. They're given away. So, today I want to give you the best of everything I have. My smile, my kiss, my love. I promise.

5. Kissing you always felt like a dream. Just like cranberry, you are my cream. With you I'll climb high to the extreme. Take my love and make this dream come true.

6. With that lips of yours, I'll rather kiss a miss than miss a kiss. Missy, you are my only desire and all I ever wish is to be with you.

7. A good kiss will always find a good miss because a kiss will never be a kiss until it's shared with a beautiful miss like you. Thank god I have you.

8. I'm sending you one kiss to go to sleep. Two kisses to always dream about me, and then a string of multiple kisses first thing when you wake. The taste of your lips is so sweet.


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