Saturday, 20 August 2016

Love poems for her - Short love poems to make her blush

Want to write some love poems for her? Check out these short love poems that is guaranteed to make her blush:

1. When I say I love you
    Believe me it's true
    When I say forever
    We become one, not two

    I will wipe your tears
   And protect you from your fears
   Forever we shall be lovers and friends

2. You are my light in the darkness
   My peace, joy and happiness
  When everything seem hopeless
  You appear with your angelic presence

  How you  make life so sweet
 Making my days so blessed and swift
 Oh my angel, I will hold you close in bliss
 And hold your hand, walking the streets

3.   I never would have known what love is
     If not for your love and care
    I never would have wished for what it is
   Until I know your love wouldn't end

   I bless the day I met you
   Not just because of who you are
  But no day would've made the sky so blue

4. My heart beats for you alone
    And to you, I'll always be true
   I knew from our first date
   That you are my soul mate

  I could never be wrong, ever
  Because now it feels like forever
  I will always love you
  Not just because I feel it
  But because that's always what it is

5. You are my only reality
    Even when I close my eyes
    It's always you I see

   For the joy that you bring to my heart everyday
   I hope one day I will be able to repay
  Not just in currencies, but to bring you a happy day

  If I could start allover, I'll choose you again
  Cos nothing comes close to my heart than you my bae.


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