Thursday, 11 August 2016

romantic sms - romantic love sms for your girlfriend

Want to spice up your relationship with a little romance? check out some romantic love sms for your girlfriend or boyfriend below:

1. The world may be filled with billions of people and millions of activities, but nothing brings joy to my heart than to look into your eyes. You mean a billion to me.

2. If there is a reason to love you, I will walk the world to prove it. But there is none. Baby, you are a miracle to my life. I love you.

3. When you feel lonely, call on me. When you feel down, think of me. When you cry, come to me. I will be your shoulder, to hold you and always stay by you because I love you.

4. When times are hard, I just close my eyes and think about you. You bring joy to my heart. I love you.

5. In the morning, you are my dawn. By noon, you are strength. In the night you are my angel. I love you more than anything you can imagine.

6. Just like honey, you are so sweet. Like the rain, so soothing. Like the sun, so warm. But most importantly, like you, so lovely. I love you.

7. What I feel for you is true, what I see in you is cool, and that is why I'm sticking with you. You are my heart desire. I love you.

8. You are like a melody in my heart that refuses to stop, like the stars in the sky that refuses to drop, like a sweet dream that goes on and on. Baby, I want us to be together forever. I love you.


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