Thursday, 11 August 2016

Valentine sms - romantic love sms for your valentine

Valentine is a good time to share some sweet valentine sms with the one you love. Check below for some romantic love sms for your valentine:

1. My love for you is like the piano. First, we played by the rules. But now, it's time to forget the rules and play from our hearts. Happy valentines day my love.

2. Your love is sweet, not just every time we kiss. But like a team, our love is complete. Happy valentine. I love you.

3. I'm not bothered by what they say. All I care about is how you feel, especially on this beautiful lovers day. My love for you is stronger than valentine's. I love you.

4. Remember they said we'll not last. Remember they said we'll be apart before now. But your love is too real to be broken. I want to wish you happy valentine my love. I love you.

5. I can live a year without the sun, I can live a decade without the stars, I can even live many years with many scars. But I can't dare live a minute without you. Happy valentines day.

6. The days are never the same, the years will always change again and again. Seasons will come and seasons will go. But my love for you will never change. Happy valentines day my angel.

7. I can write a full script of my love for you. I can sing a complete album of songs of our love. But this thing I got for you, no words can describe it. Happy valentines day my love.

8. I could send you roses, I could send you messages, I could even send you an expensive gift to wish you happy valentines day. But above all, I just wish I could send you the whole love that is whirling in my heart. I love you beyond doubt.


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