Thursday, 18 August 2016

Sweet good morning messages - Wake her with a smile

Send her some of these sweet good morning messages and you'll surely wake her up with a smile :

1. Morning is a good time to remember all the good things that we share. Today is a reason to smile. Good morning.

2. We can forget yesterday and the past, but this morning is a chance to hold close to our hearts the things that we share.Good morning dearie.

3. Life is not about being wealthy or famous, But finding something special to share with someone. thank god I found love in you. good morning.

4. It's easier to wish than to find success. It's easier to sketch perfection than to find beauty. But with you, it's easier to find love. Thank you my dear. Good morning.

5. Today's weather report : A morning of heavy rain of blessings, afternoon of unlimited sunshine of favor, and a full blown wind of joy in the evening. Have a pleasant day.

6. I might have had a nightmare and a forgettable dream, but this morning will be so unforgettable when I see your beautiful face. Good morning dear.

7. Our love comes with no fear, our hearts has no doubt, But this morning gives the strongest impression that we are meant for each other. Good morning my angel.

8. Lovely people like you make the morning so bright, and that is why you'll always be in my heart. Good morning love.


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