Thursday, 18 August 2016

Good morning messages - Say good morning to your lover with these messages

Start the morning with a wish. Send some good morning messages and wish your lover a good day :

1. Beautiful people wake up early because lovely people want to see their face. I know you are up already. Good morning.

2. Hope your eyes open with ease, and your heart is filled with peace. Because my love is coming today to please. Good morning.

3. Did you see the bird I sent to sing you a good morning song? If you didn't, just call me and I will sing again for you. Good morning.

4. I want to remind you that you are beautiful, strong, talented and one of a kind. You bring joy to my heart and no one can take that from you. Good morning.

5. A brighter day, A bigger smile, with happy people. I hope everything works out for you today. Good morning.

6. Though we be far in distance, I hope this message will touch a lovely heart and bring smiles to a beautiful face. Good morning my dear.

7. Love is easy when you are crazy about it, but becomes difficult when you are lazy about it. I'm definitely crazy about you. Good morning.

8. Some times we get much more than what we deserve. it's called a blessing. Today, I just discovered that you are a blessing to me. Good morning.


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