Friday, 6 January 2017

One sweet day with you

To show how much I love you...

a cute message for herAll I need is just one sweet day
Just a moment to give you my heart,
To take you on a sweet journey
from the mountains of romance,
to the sweet valleys of ecstasy,
I will take you where you've never been.
Forget about the world and all its troubles,
and your weaknesses and faults,
Because in this moment, our hearts shall be glad,
filled with love and sweetness,
We shall be together, wrapped in our passion.
I will prove that you mean the world to me
and that I love you so dearly.

When you love someone, you love to think about them and you want them to know how special they are for you. So let your lover know that .So send them a message like " You are the one I think about all the time and the place you hold in my heart is the one most special place which is reserved for you only. I am not going to give to anyone else in my life, ever! "
How to Write Sweet Love Messages for your love 


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