Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Long Distance Relationship Poem - - A Letter to my Dearest

Long Distance Relationship Poem - A Letter to my Dearest

A heartfelt message for my dearest darling...

Long Distance Relationship Poem

Tears that fall, cannot be unshed,

I lie awake at night wishing to be asleep in your bed

The sadness that surrounds us,

Isn’t a despair of our own creation,

It is the product of our prolonged separation.

A love like ours could never be

Anything so ordinary

The separation is a blessing,

Living under the guise of a curse

The sadness is dulled by the calls lasting late into the night,

The complements, the air kisses,

Your words that make me feel so right

We knew from the very start

That our love would both break and repair our heart

A pair of contradictions, that’s true

But that perfectly describes both me and you.

We have grown resigned to our fate

But the distance will get smaller

One mile at a time,

Until it eventually disappears.

One slight touch of your fingertips,

The feel of your lips on my shoulder,

A warm embrace after a long day,

We discuss, and imagine these small gestures,

That will become a possibility,

When the distance disappears.

As we move towards a life where we will enjoy constant connections,

I will continue to cherish what we do have,

The desire to be with one another.

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