Saturday, 1 April 2017

12 Long Sweet Messages For Her

Long Sweet Messages For Her

long sweet messages for her
long sweet messages for her

1) I can awake the whole night for you,my love
And I don’t mind to wake up tired the next morning,
Just to make sure that you slept peacefully and woke up happily.

2) I would prefer cold, fog and silence,
If you are not around because only these things can make me feel better after you.

3) I cannot start my day without a glance of yours,
And I can’t call a day good until it is spent with you.

4) The day you walked beautifully into my life,
You only brought peace like a river,
Endless joy, infinite love and a new meaning of life.

5) Your existence have changed my life,
My days have become more brighter,
And nights more restful.

6) After you, I see each day with an untold story
A story of a beautiful and strong girl,
Who carries hurricane in herself.

7) From the day one, I knew I made a right choice
I know this plane of love is heading towards a safe landing.

8) I wish I could go in the past and met you earlier,
So I can love you longer and more.
Even now I am happier that you came,
Because my life has turned into a beautiful tale.

9) I am addicted to loving you,
And I’ll continue doing it until I’m lost in you,
I owe to give you my all debt and it’s obvious that I just can’t pay it at all.

10) We have came so far that I can not even imagine of having a life without you,
How ugly and dark that life would be!

11) The immeasurable distance that we have traveled together,
Has given a rhythm to my heart,
And now my heart has got used to this music.

12) From the very first day,
My heart clung in love with yours,
As if it has gotten its partner for life!

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