Friday, 7 April 2017

Best tips to send Cute Messages for Her

Cute Messages for your cutie pie

cute messages for her

When you adore somebody, you want them to know how fondly you think of them. You want to write poems about them and belt out songs that remind you of them. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as you’d like to come up with fun and cute things to say to your one true love. Even the most creative people can struggle with these sorts of issues, so there isn’t much hope for the rest of us. That’s why we’ve composed this list of cute messages for her, enabling boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives, significant others and newbies, to consistently remind that lovely girl how much she means to you.

Cute Messages for Her #1: Good Morning & Goodnight
Never underestimate the power of a good morning or goodnight message. Even if you live with the person, sending them a positive text when you wake up can make a world of difference. A subtle “good morning!” can be perfect for newbies who aren’t sure where they stand with their beloved, and a more engaging “Good morning, sweetheart! I hope you slept well” can be an excellent option for the more serious couple.

Cute Messages for Her #2: Indie Love Poem Quotes
Some might claim it’s unoriginal, but as long as you don’t try to take credit for something that isn’t yours you can’t go wrong with a loving quote. Don’t pick something everyone knows, like Pablo Neruda or Emily Dickinson. Instead, try using an up-and-coming poet, like Rupi Kaur or Iain S. Thomas. You can make the love of your life swoon when you quote a particularly romantic poem and tell her that reading it made you think of her.

Cute Messages for Her #3: Variations on the Standard “I Love You”
Even though there is no way to make the idea of love lose its power, you can show how much you care by finding new ways of conveying that same idea. By saying something like, “Every part of you is lovable, from the pinky toe on your left foot to the wisps of your hair,” you can tell her you love her in a way that is sure to make her heart melt.

Cute Messages for Her #4: Make Her Feel Safe
You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t want to feel safe, ultimately and entirely. Even if your love doesn’t feel particularly unsafe or scared, having the sense of security that comes with messages depicting safety is an unparalleled win. Tell her that you’ll take care of her when she’s sick, and that you’ll keep her safe from harm.


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