Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Love Poems For Her - I Love You Poems for Girlfriend

This post is dedicated for Romantic Love Poems for Her. True romance to a women is not spendy gifts, fancy restaurants, or high priced jewelry It’s really about how YOU make her feel and how she feels about herself when she is with you.


love poem for her -sad
Love poem for her 

There is this girl, who hides away all her wounds with a smile
It seems she has wanted to cry, but held on for a long while
I know that just loving her won’t do
As there is a lot she has been through,
Her words of love have all the hypnotism ,
I am already hers’ but I still try to raise abolitionism
Suddenly I calm myself down,
To lose myself to her, so that I count
the thorns in her crown
Again today I try to undress her wounds,
But she says these are my ornaments of doom,
I whisper in her ears, give up now dear,
I touch her deepest wound, I still see no fear,
She still smiles at me, that smile that enthralls
But coming so close, why do I still see a wall,
A wall between us, is her smile
As it’s not real, but she has been doing it for a long while.
I want to feel every pain of hers to see 
What actually is there so harsh on all her body parts, her lips, her eyes, her heart, her legs, her knee.
I now ask her very lovingly, what are all these spots?
She then gives up and breaks down
She holds me tight, as if to tie a knot
A knot that will never untie, a knot that will never let me go
Slowly the wounds she began to show
I hold one of them and crush it down,
Once and for all, she screams all loud! 
I hold her hand firm, she cries a lot
Every wound of her she eventually forgot
Later that night, the wall between us breaks,
Eternal it was, the love that we make.
This time, she didn’t just smile,
But smiled from within. 
There is this girl, who hides away all her wounds with a smile
This time, she didn’t just smile,
But smiled from within. 



You are the best thing in my life
My muse and inspiration
You are the definition of Perfection
Words can’t express how much I love you.

Your beauty is bright like the morning sun
Your smile turns darkness into light.
With you I have so much fun
Your skin shines bright as daylight.

Your laughter is like Music to my ears
My eyes are filled with joyful tears
Your personality always intrigues me
When I see your face my heart skips two beats,

These words are from my heart,
I know you are my complete part
You are a pure inspiration
The most beautiful of God’s creation


Feel free to forward these cute love poems to her whenever you feel like. I will be updating this thread with new Love poems whenever I can.


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