Thursday, 18 August 2016

Romantic good morning sms - romantic good morning sms for her

Want her to start the day thinking of you? Send her a romantic good morning sms and she'll be all over you :

1. The night may be mystical, but the morning will be magical because our love continues to grow. Good morning my love.

2. Mornings are like roses. They open up in time to put a smile on your face. Smile on and be happy today because someone loves you. Good morning.

3. All my life, I've always wished to wake up in the morning with love in my heart. Thank god I found you. Good morning dearest.

4. Open your eyes and see my gift for you this morning. I've made the sun shine and the birds sing just for you. Good morning dear.

5. Because you are mine, each morning become better and sweeter. Your words and your smiles keeps me going. Good morning.

6. This morning, I woke up feeling so fulfilled. Not because of the luxuries I have, but because of the love you gave me. Good morning my dear.

7. My day will not start until I see your beautiful face. Wake up and meet up my dear. Good morning.

8. As the night gives way for the morning to come, so will our struggles give way for our love to shine. Good morning my love.


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