Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Good night love sms - sweet good night sms for her

Don't know what Good night love sms will be good for her? Check out these sweet good night sms and you won't be disappointed:

1. You are my first thought by morning and my last thought by night. You are my dream and my memory. I love you dearly. Good night.

2. I'm glad I have an angel so close to me, so I need not fear. Even when the night screams, it's your voice that I hear. My love, My heart, with you I'll share. Wishing you good night my dear.

3. Touch your heart, Think of me. Close your eyes, make a wish. Put off the light and sleep tight. Sweet dreams my angel.

4. My dear, don't ever give up on your dreams of life, success and love. You never know what tomorrow might bring. I believe in you. Good night.

5. As the sun has gone to sleep, and the stars have come to play, may the gentle night breeze whisper sweet lullabies to help you sleep. Have a good night my dear.

6. Take the night as it comes but prepare your heart for the new day. Our love is going to be a day older. Good night my love.

7. Life may be hard and the night may be darker, But that flame in our hearts will always shine the brightest. Good night my dear.

8. At this time of the night, 700 million people are sleeping, 400 million people are working, 400 million people are having their breakfast, But only 1 person in the world cares to read my sms. You are special my dear. Good night.


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