Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Good night messages - romantic good night messages for your lover

Want to make your lover dream about you all night? Just send one of the following good night messages and watch the result:

1. Night is the best time to let go, to forgive, to dream and to smile. Wishing all the best of tonight. Sweet dreams my dear.

2. As the day comes to an end, then comes the gift of sweet dreams. So, close your eyes and unwrap the gifts of tonight. Good night.

3. Like a tiny candle that gives light in the dark, So will your dreams illuminate your heart and your life tonight. Sleep tight my dear.

4. People close their eyes when they kiss, pray or take a sweet bite because the sweetest things in our lives are mostly felt in our hearts. As you go to bed tonight, may the love that we share be felt in your heart. Sweet dreams my love.

5. Loving you makes everyday worth celebrating. Loving you makes me look forward to the break of the morning. Good night my dear.

6. In the night, we all make a choice to close our eyes to the things we don't want to see. But we seldom close our hearts to the things we don't want to feel. I feel you my love. Good night.

7. The best way to end the day is letting go of everything that worries you and embracing the things that makes you smile. I'm smiling now because I'm thinking of you. Have a good night rest.

8. The only reason why I'm willing to make it through this night is because I want to see your beautiful face again. Good night. See you tomorrow.


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