Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Good night sms - lovely good night sms for your lover

You can say good night in a simple lovely way. Check out these lovely good night sms for your lover and make sure their night is one to remember:

1. I just instructed your bed to give you a hug, your pillow to give you a kiss and the night breeze to sing for you. Enjoy your night rest. Good night.

2. As the streets become scanty and the night become quiet, Let our love speak the loudest. Remember that the reality of our existence lies in our hearts. Good night.

3. How can I dream when you are my dream come true? How can I think when my mind is filled with the thoughts of you? Everything I want is you. Good night my love.

4. Tonight, when you have another sweet dream in your heart, never let it go because sweet dreams are the seeds that brings great tomorrows. Good night my dear.

5. You alone are the reason for my sleepless nights. You alone are the reason why I hug my pillow so tight. You alone are the reason why I can't end my day without saying goodnight. Have a pleasant night rest.

6. Though the stars twinkle in the sky, You are the only star that I see tonight. Take my word for it. Good night,

7. When nights are long and friends are gone, I stand by my window and think of you. With all my heart, I wish you were here. Good night.


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