Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Good night text - tell her good night with these text messages

Good night shouldn't be out of sight. Wish her a good night rest with these good night text messages:

1. Just like the trees under the night sky, I wish you a night free from worries. May your sleep be gentle, sweet and soft. Good night my angel.

2. The night is so beautiful and so cool, with the smell of fresh air and the twinkle of the stars. But still, it's not complete until I wish you good night. Sweet dreams my dear.

3. Because you are such an angel, I'm blowing you a kiss so high into the sky, saying I've got the best angel. Good night my love..

4. I've sent you some angels to protect you throughout the night. But that's still not enough. So, I'm whispering this to you. Sweeeeeet dreams!

5. Tonight, I'm wishing you a bed of soft clouds, surrounded by the stars, with angels around you singing beautiful songs. I wish you a peaceful sound sleep. Good night.

6. Before you sleep tonight, I want you to look at the sky. If you a falling star, Just make a wish and it will come true. Trust me, because I did and then I found you. Good night my love.

7. As the day has come to an end, and the night has come in it's special way, So will your worries end and your happiness come with the new day. Good night my dear.

8. I wish I could sleep. But all I'm doing right now is thinking about you. I wish I could just lay by your side to watch your beautiful face while you sleep. I could only wish. So, I'm wishing you a good night rest. Sweet dreams my dear.


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